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How To Ensure Your Home Is 100% Safe For Children

How To Ensure Your Home Is 100% Safe For Children

Parenthood can be quite scary especially if you’re on your first child. One of the fundamental truths about children is that they require constant supervision and are quite prompted to put themselves in dangerous situations if not supervised properly. While this is a given another fundamental reality of life is that you can always be watching your child and sometimes you might need a little help to make sure that Your baby stays out of harm’s way even without you watching over his shoulder 24/7. Let’s look at a little helpful guide on all to make sure that your home is 100% safe for your children even if left alone for a few minutes.

The concept of childproofing your home is not new and many people have been practicing it for so long that it has become quite an art for many people. Before you can even start childproofing your own you need to understand what you need to keep out of your children’s reach and understand what the potential dangers for them are inside of your home. One of the fundamentals of understanding what can be dangerous to a child is putting yourself in their place and understanding that while you have the active mind to understand what can be potentially harmful to you children do not have this understanding just yet. So, let’s go through a few items that you should secure in discuss the many methods to make sure that these things are kept safely away from your children.

When we talk about children’s safety one of the first things, we should discuss is cabinets. As you can imagine the danger doesn’t come so much from the cabinet itself but from what it contains. One of the most frequent accidents that happens with children is them ingesting products that they shouldn’t including chemicals used for cleaning. So obviously what you want to do is make sure that these products are always inaccessible to your children. You have a few options to make sure that these products are secured whatever it is putting them away in cabinets that are too far up for them, or you could always lock your cabinets. Cabinet locks specially made for childproofing or animalproofing can be bought in any great surface store. Usually, you can use a universal key on any single lock, so you don’t have to search for which key is the right one for each cabinet.

One of the other very common points of discussion when talking about children’s safety and potential accidents around the home is pools. Of course, if you don’t have a pool this will not concern you, but the reality is that while fencing around pools is required by laws in many states many people still choose not to use it. It’s important to understand that while to some this may seem like a silly addition the reality is much grimmer when you look at the numbers. Yearly around 400 children drown in residential pools whether it is because they’ve been left unsupervised or because there was not enough security in place to prevent children from getting into the pool without adult supervision. It’s very important to understand that these numbers grow every few weeks to a few months, especially in summertime. Even if you don’t have children yourself you need to keep in mind that if your pool is not fencing and accidents happen you could be held legally responsible.

One of the most common causes of injury in children is falls so it only seems normal to try to prevent as many falls as possible in young children. Defaults you want to prevent of course are the ones that could be extremely dangerous or even fatal. So, as you can imagine the sources of falls that could be potentially lethal to your young child are of course stairs or windows. One of the best things for securing your stairs is using a fence like the ones they use for dogs that keep older children away from potentially sliding downstairs and tumbling down to a potentially dangerous fall. When it comes to windows there is of course the extreme option of putting bars on a window but much easier than that is putting a lock to prevent your little bundle of joy from learning how to open windows too early and potentially falling out. While these may seem like extreme examples the reality is that if you look around you will find any number of potential accidents that happen every year.

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