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Is Gaming Set To Become An Olympic Sport in 2024?

Is Gaming Set To Become An Olympic Sport in 2024?

The gaming world has evolved greatly, with lots of advanced technological attributes. This has gained gaming, worldwide recognition in recent times, and there are millions of gamers all over the world.

There are several competitive video games for various gaming companies that are not just interesting but also realistic and amazing. For most gamers, playing video games requires a lot of strategic planning and execution.

Although the gaming world already indulges in organized, competitive gameplay and is referred to as Esports, it is barely regarded as a sport by some people. Most people are not even aware of how serious Esport is. It is on a whole different level, with lots of professional players worldwide and profitable sponsorships.

eSports is a competitive activity that deserves to be an Olympic sport. It may not be a sport that requires heavy lifting, but it is very tactical and includes a lot of planning. Like regular sports, you need to play continuously and study the rules of the game to enable you to beat your competitors.

Of course, Esports is different from traditional sports, but they have some similarities. This brings us to the next subheading.

The great news is the wish of many gamers, which is to add gaming as an Olympic sport, may be happening in 2024.

Read on to find out more about Esports and the Olympics.

Will Gaming Be An Olympic Sport in 2024?

There have been talks about adding Esports to the Olympics and those talks may lead to actions soon.

According to the Gamer World News Entertainment CEO Gayle Dickie, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is considering adding Esports to the Olympics.

Gaming may not be part of the 2024 Olympics in France, but the chances of it being in the Olympics in the future are quite high.

However, the International Olympic Committee announced the Olympics Esports Series 2024. The Olympics Esports series is a virtual and simulated sports competition that involves the collaboration of game publishers and international federations.

Are Video Games eSports?

Esports usually involves multiplayer video game competitions. The competition can either be between teams or individual players.

Note that the Esports to be featured in the Olympics Esports series are cycling, archery, and the like.

Will Video Games ever be part of the Esports Olympics?

Video games are likely to be part of the Olympics in the future. Let us take Minecraft for example, the game has one of the major requirements for Esports, which is the multiplayer option.

Gamers have a list of skyblock servers for Minecraft to pick from. What this means is that there are various multiplayer options to pick from, making Minecraft overqualified to be an Esports.

The same goes for other video games like Minecraft, they are all likely to be part of the Esports Olympic in the future.

Similarities between eSports and Traditional Sports

The purpose of listing out the similarities between Esports and regular sports is to prove that gaming is a sport that deserves to be in the Olympics.

The major difference between the two sports is that one is an electronic sport, and the other is physical. As different as they may seem, in the end, both of them ore both sports

Here are some of the similarities between the two sports.

Physical and Mental Training

All traditional sports involve both physical and mental training for the participants to help them improve their strength and skills. Export on the other hand has also embraced physical and mental training in recent times.

Professionalism and Competition

The two sports consist of professional players and they are both competitive. They both involve teams or individuals playing against themselves.

Analysis and Strategy

To be a good video game player, you need to be able to analyze and come up with strategic plans. The same goes for traditional sports, actions are taken based on analysis and strategy.

Teamwork and Communication

We saved the best for the last. Teamwork and communication is a requirement for all sports activities. To excel with little or no limitations, teammates are expected to work together and also have good communication skills.

There are many other similarities between Esport and traditional sports but we just listed the most significant ones.

Benefits Of Adding Gaming As An Olympic Sports

There are a lot of benefits to be gained from adding gaming as an Olympic sport, but we will be focusing on the most significant benefit.

The Olympics might have been in existence for years and may also be a big deal for most countries, but people are gradually losing interest in it, the younger crowds especially.

The gaming world on the other hand keeps growing in popularity. There are millions of gamers, and they consist of both the old and the young crowds

Adding gaming as a sport in the Olympics will increase the number of viewers of the Olympics globally. Gaming fans from all over the world will show up in numbers, both physically and virtually to watch the Olympics as long as there is a category for gaming.


Gaming may or may not be added as a sport in the upcoming 2024 Olympics but it may likely be added in the future.

Adding gaming as an Olympic sport will bring about a series of advantages and the International Olympic Committee is aware of this fact.

Gaming is a significant sport that deserves a spot in the Olympics.

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