Wave Workshop

Wave Workshop recreates the habitat under the Golden Gate Bridge and teaches visitors how plants, animals and people adapt to such an environment.

At the Beach

Explore a sandy beach habitat with local birds.

Wind & Waves

Construct boats to test in the wind and waves.

In the Sea

Live animals in a saltwater tank illustrate their adaptations to sandy and rocky habitats. Try on costumes and act out underwater scenes.

Ignite Creative Thinking with Open-ended Questions

Asking open-ended questions is a powerful way to to spark conversations and enrich children’s learning in our exhibit spaces. 

When you use open ended questions like these to promote deeper engagement by children, you also find out about child’s interests. How might your conversations with children at the Museum lay the foundation for a deeper project after your visit?

Wave Table

  • What does this shape remind you of?
  • I wonder if we use this one which shape will move faster?
  • If we all worked together, what could we build using all of these shapes?


  • I notice some creatures in here. What might they like to eat?

Green Screen Interactive

  • What sort of story could we tell with these puppets?
  • Who are the characters? Where does the story take place?
  • What happens first? What happens next? How does the story end?
  • This costume/puppet looks like a sting ray. Do you notice any real fish in here? (redirect to the aquarium) How would those animals move underwater? (use puppets)

Creativity Grows Here

Learn more about how we nurture creativity at the Museum and how you can help your child explore, discover, immerse, imagine and connect with tips from Wave Workshop.

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