May 24 – September 7

“I’ve actually seen parents put down their cellphones & play with their kids.”
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Things break; that's a given. From the Stone Age wheel to the modern computer, all technologies throughout history at some time have needed repairs. When something breaks, what do you do?

Broken? Fix it! invites visitors to embrace the broken as they discover the joy and satisfaction in making things whole or usable again. The exhibit encourages children and adults to learn together to diagnose problems, then roll up their sleeves and get inside the repair process. Visitors try their hand at a variety of fix-it activities, including figuring out why the car thumps and clangs, getting a bike rolling again, repairing a shoe and fixing a toy train track. The exhibit looks at cultural “fixes” from around the world, and explores the emotional consequences of breaks as well. Videos are embedded throughout; highlighting the repair process and the people who “embrace the broken.”

Broken? Fix it! builds creative thinking and problem solving skills and fosters cooperation and teamwork as families and groups solve broken things together.

Re-sole a shoe
Make car repairs
Fix a broken ceramic pot

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Broken? Fix it! was developed by the Long Island Children's Museum with the support of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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