Museum Spotlight

Museum Spotlight highlights the talented and dedicated staff of the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Some of our employees have been here over 15 years! Learn their stories. 

Kathleen Roberts

Kathleen Roberts has worked at the Museum for over 16 years. She has seen many changes over the years and has had many roles here at the Museum, including snake handler. Yes, we had snakes at one time and Kathleen would walk around Satterlee carrying Selina, the Bull Snake.

Kathleen was born in Nice, France and spent her childhood years traveling between France and New York. After graduating from art school in La Havre, France, she came to Sausalito to visit her Uncle Alan Watts. Kathleen immediately fell in love with the area and since then has lived on seven different houseboats in the Bay.

Kathleen and her son Philippe visited the Bay Area Discovery Museum many times. In those days, the Museum’s age range went all the way up to 12 years. 

In 1998, Kathleen became a Discovery Guide, mainly doing special art projects in Studio 10 and leading art classes for birthday parties. She also spent lots of time in the Science Lab, which is now the Store’s stockroom. Kathleen’s artwork can still be seen in the Bay Hall mural and in the Store’s stockroom. Along with Selina the Bull Snake, animals in the Science Lab included rats, mice, scorpions, turtles and black widow spiders. There was also a media lab upstairs in Tot Spot where kids could sign up for computer time. We also had a ceramics lab, kiln and a carrousel that was foot powered.

After being a Discovery Guide for six years, Kathleen was approached by Ted Payton, the Store manager back then, to see if she wanted to work in the Store. Kathleen said, “YES!” right away. During her years in the Store, Kathleen has enjoyed getting to know different nannies and has watched them move from family to family. Just recently, a grandmother and her 21 year-old grandson, who use to visit the Museum regularly when the he was young, came into the Store to see if Kathleen still worked at the Museum. Everyone had a great time reconnecting.

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