Winter 2013: Artists-in-Residence

Mark Dzula and Ardina Greco, also known as Jukebox Radio

Bay Area Discovery Museum is pleased to announce its first Artists in Residence for Winter 2013, with a project focused on Water, will be Mark Dzula and Ardina Greco, also known as Jukebox Radio.

This season you will have the opportunity to engage with our Artists-in-Residence as their project runs October through December. Each month there will be a 45-minute performance, followed up a drop-in workshop and an opportunity to meet the artists themselves.

Performances & Workshops

Using their Jukebox Radio, Mark and Ardina will lead families in movement activities and games through songs that are beautifully illustrated and told through shadow puppetry.

In the workshops, families will collaborate together on arts activities related to each of the performance themes (water movers, water creatures and water hog).

Performance & Workshop Schedule

Saturday, November 2 & Sunday, November 3

Water Movers 

WHOOSH! Explore different concepts of moving water by looking at both natural and manmade water-movers. This concept will be illustrated through an introduction of a Rube Goldberg device. 

Meet the Artists Workshop

Following the performance there will be two workshops where families can engage with the artists. One workshop features a challenge where families use everyday objects (cups, straws, tape, and chopsticks) to construct aqueducts that will successfully transfer water from one vessel to another. The other workshop will challenge families to help design a Rube Goldberg device.

Sunday, November 24

Water Creatures  

Meet fish, mermaids, sea lions, and more on imaginary, aquatic adventures experienced through song, stories, movement activities and games for all ages. Don’t miss the chance to meet the Water in a special water creature shadow puppets show.

Meet the Artists Workshop

After the show, let your imagination run wild to create your own sea creature puppets. Once the puppets are finished, enter the Jukebox puppet theater to tell your own tale from the sea. Families have the option to take their artworks home or have them displayed in the windows of one of the Museum building’s windows.

Sunday, December 8

Water Hog 

In their final performance, Mark and Ardina tell new tales and sing new songs that bring together the stories from previous performances, leading up to the final unveiling…

Unveiling Event

What could it be? You must be there to find out! 

About the Artists 

Mark and Ardina are professional teaching artists and educators and have worked with some of the most esteemed institutions in the U.S., including the Museum of Modern Art in NY, the Guggenheim Museum, San Diego Museum of Art, Orange County Museum of Art, and more!  Mark just completed his Doctorate in Education from the Teacher’s College Columbia University has  and has published frequently in the Teaching Artist Journal.  Ardina is currently finishing her dissertation for a Doctorate in Education also from the Teacher’s College.  She frequently does consulting work for teaching artist trainings and has spoken at a number of engagements, including last year’s NAEA (National Arts Educators Association) National Convention.  As a married couple they have been co-creating the Jukebox Radio Band since 2008. Jukebox Radio brings art experiences and educational shows to audiences of all ages. They work with shadow puppets, projections, and music to help enliven events at cultural institutions all over the country.

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