STEM Intensives

Three of our Idea Labs are also available in an expanded format as STEM Intensives. STEM Intensives are a multi-day experience is designed to allow students time to dig deeper into the selected content area and provide elementary teachers time for in-depth exploration of the pedagogy aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. STEM Intensives are offered for two months in the fall, winter and spring.

STEM Intensives are:

  • Led by our Teacher-in-Residence, Sara Norris
  • Three focused workshops which build on one another
    • First workshop at your school
    • Second workshop at Museum; includes admission to exhibits
    • Third workshop at your school
  • Opportunities for at least three parent volunteers to engage in each session at school, plus additional parent chaperones for the field trip to the Museum
  • Active, exploratory learning experiences which engage students, teachers and parents

Additionally, STEM Intensives offer explicit supports for visual and language arts integration into science and math curriculum and include teacher discounts on Center for Childhood Creativity summer professional development.

Science and Math Topics

Ten In My Toolbox

Topic: Math
Grade: K-1st
Offered: October, November

Adding games, ten frames and images for our “math brains.” Young mathematicians will engage with a number of visual and kinesthetic games and activities aimed at strengthening their understanding of the composition and decomposition of the wonderful number ten!

Facilitators will help students to express their thinking processes and represent their growing knowledge via language, drawing, and use of models. This workshop will include a deeper exploration of base ten with further integration of math literature, art, and movement activities.

Fairy Tale Engineering

Topic: Physical Science
Grade: TK-2nd
Offered: January, February

Young scientists engage directly with the design thinking process as they work collaboratively to solve problems for beloved fairy tale characters. Students will identify characters’ needs that they believe can be solved via engineering design and bring their ideas to life as they collaborate to construct and test prototypes. This workshop will include a deeper exploration of the iterative design process.

Facilitators will help students form questions, develop problem solving skills, and communicate new discoveries while engaging in fun-filled scientific inquiry.

Explore the Shore: Investigating the Horseshoe Cove

Topic: Life Science
Grade: TK-2nd
Offered: April, May

Engage your senses and discover the intertidal world of Horseshoe Cove. Young biologists will explore the shore to investigate how the cove meets the needs of its plants and animals, and how these inhabitants are specially adapted to live in this unique habitat. Applying their knowledge of the intertidal zone conditions, students will create animals that include creature features that would allow their animals to thrive in the cove. This experience offers students the opportunity to see art and science meet. Due to the specific nature of this lab, it can only be held at the museum at nearby Horseshoe Bay. This environment will promote rich hands-on experience we would otherwise be unable to replicate in a classroom setting. 

Facilitators will help students to pose and investigate their own questions during cove exploration. 

For more Information

For more information, please call (415) 339-3963 or email groupvisits(at)

Scholarship Process

Scholarships are available for all of our School Programs, including DIY Field Trips, Idea Labs and STEM Intensives. Preschools serving more than 50% of families through child-care subsidies and elementary schools serving more than 50% of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch are encouraged to apply.

Our mission is to ignite and advance creative thinking for all children. We are committed to working to remove the barriers that some families face in accessing high-quality, educational experiences for their children both in school and out of school.

Scholarship school visits are sponsored by

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