Frequently Asked Questions

Is Not-a-School a preschool?

Yes, we are licensed as a childcare center by the State of California and feature a staff of fully qualified teachers. Our Facility Number is 214005255.

Will children learn academic skills at Not-A-School?

We believe that our unique educational approach, which offers free-choice learning in an open-ended, child-directed environment prepares children for lifelong learning, not just Kindergarten. Through our emergent project-based curriculum, children use math, literacy, problem-solving and social skills to create the meaningful learning experiences they will need for later school success.

Is your emphasis on creativity exclusively focused on art?

No. The Museum has developed a unique approach to nurturing creativity in the arts, the sciences and the environment. Learn more about our brand of creativity.

Do you offer full-time care?

We offer an optional full day program from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Please see our pricing here.

Do you serve snack? What about lunch?

We will provide a simple nutritious snack of at least two food groups each morning. We do not provide lunch for the AM Session. Children must bring their own.

How will the participants be selected?

Once we have received applications, we will determine which families have the best match in terms of scheduling, gender balance, ages of children and philosophical harmony. Priority enrollment is given to siblings of current families, members of the Bay Area Discovery Museum Board of Trustees, Museum staff and then the general public. In addition, applications for 3-days per week or more will be considered first.

Can children drop in to Not-A-School?

No. This program requires pre-registration for specific days. We are required to maintain a specific staff to child ratio at all times.

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