New! Dig Deeper: Science + Art

Afterschool Creative Enrichment for Kindergarten – Third Graders

Children will join the educators from our Not-A-School and Discovery Camps team for open-ended, child-directed adventures geared especially for school-aged children. Together we’ll create a learning community and enjoy plenty of outdoor fun! Inspired by the Museum’s setting educators and children will ask questions, run experiments, and use art to express our findings as we explore the intersection between art and science. 

Classes will resume in the Fall.

What do they DO in Dig Deeper?

Dig Deeper is the ultimate "choose your own adventure" program, as the kids plan the curriculum for their session of the program. They go through the process we often use at the Museum to plan curriculum starting with exploration, observation, documentation, "I notice" and "I wonder" statements, listing, idea mapping then planning for possibilities.

This fall, as we started exploring around the Museum the first day, the kids were instantly drawn to various aspects and ways to interact with nature. They decided they would each have jobs including: photographer, animaler, bug finder, observer, collector, artist and journalist. They used photographs, samples and journals to document their discoveries and decided they wanted to hike further and explore their jobs more the next time. For the final day of the session, the children gathered all of their notes, photos, samples and thoughts into a Nature Guidebook. 

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