Welcome to another amazing year of Discovery Camps!

Each year, we are excited to add a new twist to our camps for all of our devoted families. This year, we have two new options for older children: our Junior Counselor program for kids ages 9 – 12-years-old, and a new theme for school-aged campers called Inventing with Art. We’ve also added one more extended care option after morning camp sessions: now kids can stay and play for an extra hour from 1 – 2 p.m.! And for the first time you can purchase lunch for your kids when you register for camp. Bean Sprouts Café & Cooking School, our super healthy and kid friendly café, will prepare a delicious lunch and deliver it right to campers in their classroom.

You’ll also find some of the successful changes we made last year in place again: two Big Discoveries sessions every week for our 3-year-old friends and our super popular PM program Summer Camp Sampler. We’re also continuing to offer an extra week of camp from August 18 – 22 for those kids who start school a bit later.

Parents tell us over and over that there are two things that set our programs apart from other camps: our caring, professional staff and the way our approach ignites children’s creative thinking. The Museum offers rich territory for children to explore the natural world, test out new ideas and experience the freedom of child-directed, open-ended learning through play, guided by expert educators. Each summer as children work to solve the problem of how build a solid fort, create their own sets and costumes for performances, experiment with art materials or discover native plants and animals, they are exercising their brains in important ways. On top of all that, kids have an absolute blast in our camps.

We love seeing kids grow and change over the years, and always value your feedback in supporting the growth of our camps right alongside them. Please feel free to call either one of us directly if you have questions or concerns at any time.

We cannot wait to see you all this summer!


Danielle Pitchford                             Heather Posner
Public Programs Coordinator             Public Programs Manager
(415) 339-3906                              (415) 339-3982

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