Group Visit: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please contact us at (415) 339-3963 or groupvisits(at)


Who qualifies for a scholarship and how can I receive one?

The Museum offers admission scholarships (October-February) to schools serving a population where 50% or more of the children qualify for Free and Reduced Price Lunch. Currently, there are no transportation scholarships available at this time. Scholarship visits offered until February 28.  Apply for a scholarship.

Preparing for Your Visit

How do I register and pay for my group?

Enriched Visits

To register for an Enriched Visit, you will first need to fill out the Registration Request Form online. Once this form is received, we will contact you within 1 - 2 business days to complete the registration and collect a $50 non-refundable. A deposit is needed to reserve your day and must be paid by credit card. The deposit will be applied towards your final balance. Click here to begin registering your group today. 

Self-Guided Visits

All Self-guided group reservations and payments can be made online. At the time of reservation, a $50 non-refundable deposit payable by credit card only is due (this will be applied towards the balance). Your remaining balance can be paid by credit card, business check, or cash on or before the day of your visit. Click here to begin registering your group today. 

*Membership cards and admit passes cannot be used as part of the payment for group visits.

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What should we expect during our group visit?

A group greeter will meet you at the front gate of the Museum. You will be provided with a brief introduction to the Museum and some general guidelines for your visit. For the remainder of your visit, your children will explore, discover, immerse, imagine and connect with our exhibitions throughout the Museum. If you are interested in a description of our exhibitions and how they correlate with the California Curriculum Standards, please download this: Description of Exhibitions. You can also view a map of the Museum grounds and exhibitions.

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What kind of weather should I prepare my group for?

Due to the Museum's close proximity to the mouth of the bay, it is often colder and windier than the surrounding areas. The weather can change rapidly from sunny and warm to cold and foggy, or vice versa. Dressing in multiple layers is a good solution to staying comfortable while visiting the Museum.

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How should I prepare my chaperones for the visit?

Visiting groups are required to break into smaller groups, led by a chaperone, while exploring the Museum. To expedite this process and maximize your visit time, please make sure your chaperones know which children they are responsible for prior to arriving at the museum. Please also discourage chaperones from using cell phones while in charge of their small groups.

We recommend that you download our Chaperone Tips, a PDF that offers basic guidelines as well as ideas for how to engage with children during their visit.

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Are there other things in the area that we may visit?

If you have extra time, we suggest visiting one of Fort Baker's surrounding open spaces, taking a walk to historic Battery Yates, exploring the beaches in Horseshoe Cove, visiting the Coast Guard station, or enjoying the Vista Point at the Golden Gate Bridge.  Click here for more information and to see a map of the area.

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Can the Museum accommodate special needs?

Please let us know prior to your visit if a child or a chaperone has any special needs. We will do our best to accommodate everyone. Entrances to all of the Museum's exhibit halls are wheelchair accessible.                

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Day of Visit

When should my group arrive?

We recommend you arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time in order to maximize your visit at the Museum. If you are running late, please contact us at (415) 339-3963. To assist in your group's transportation, please download these Driving Directions.

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Where do we park?

All parking is free at the Museum. If you are carpooling, you may park anywhere in the main visitor lots. If you are arriving on a bus, please unload your group in the bus turnaround at the main entrance to the Museum. When the group greeter comes to meet your group, they will give the driver directions to the bus parking area. Please see our Group Visits Map for exact drop-off and parking locations.

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Will I get reimbursed for children or extra chaperones that do not attend the day of our visit?

Refunds for a headcount change will only be issued up until 1 week prior to your visit.

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What is the procedure for our arrival at the Museum?

Upon arrival, have your group gather in front of the Museum gates and send one adult to the Front Desk to announce your arrival. Meanwhile, have your children and chaperones split into their pre-arranged small groups. This will expedite the introduction process and ensure a more fluid transition into the museum’s exhibits. Please be conscientious that your group does not block the walkway or entrance to the Museum. Your group greeter will then welcome your group, providing an overview of Museum guidelines and exhibitions. Please see our Group Visits Map to better understand this process.  

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Is there a lunch area at your Museum?

The Museum has an outdoor picnic area you may utilize at any time during your visit. Rolling carts can be provided to store lunches on-site until the group is ready to eat. A Museum staff member will let you know where the carts will be stored so that lunches can be easily retrieved by a group leader or chaperone when ready.

In the event of rain, an indoor lunch room may be reserved pending availability for an additional fee of $25. Groups larger than 40 people total will need to book two rainy day lunch timeslots. Call the us to inquire about availability at (415) 339-3963.

Having lunch outside the Museum’s grounds is also an option. If choosing this lunch option, you might want to bring blankets to sit on and a large bag for your trash. Some suggested picnic areas include the waterfront, Battery Yates, or the field across from the Museum.

If you have additional questions about group visits, please contact us at (415) 339-3963.

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