The Creative Process

At the Bay Area Discovery Museum, we define the creative process through five actions at the core of every experience:

  • Explore: Inquiry, experimentation, problem identification, adaptive reasoning
  • Discover: Original thought, novelty, discovery
  • Immerse: Absorption, focus, immersion, engagement, flow
  • Imagine: Inspiration, fantasy, narrative
  • Connect: Pattern recognition, synthesis, connecting disparate ideas and phenomena

Our child-directed, open-ended experiences are developed using exhibition and program criteria that supports the creative process:

  • Participation is at our core through collaboration and repetition.
  • We twist the traditional, offering opportunities for delight and challenge.
  • Kids can make the exhibits change, nurturing independence, and a graduated, multi-age experience.

Learn More

Explore our Creativity at the Museum section to see how we implement the creative process and criteria throughout our exhibitions and programs.

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