Why Creativity?

At the Bay Area Discovery Museum, play cultivates creativity. The construction cones in Lookout Cove turn out to make perfect wizard hats. And who would have predicted that children would use the hidden reaches of the willow-maze as a garage for the gravel-pit dump trucks, or that they would ride those trucks down the incline of the Golden Gate Bridge? At the Museum, it is not unusual to see children playing within an exhibition in ways never imagined by the exhibit designers.

When there is only one way, or a “right way” to play, children are denied the opportunity to experiment and make discoveries. Instead, our open-ended, child-directed philosophy encourages an “all-ways” approach to play. We want children to hang onto the spark that allows them to see infinite possibilities, and try new things so they can grow into innovative adults capable of creative solutions to the challenges of the 21st century.

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