Outdoor Learning Lab

Have you ever hiked with your little one around the top of Lookout Cove? You may have noticed a mysterious area with a little locked gate and some funny metal poles sticking up. We’re working on an exciting new project to redevelop that space into a vibrant outdoor classroom and program
space called the Habitat Garden. The redesign will offer opportunities for children to become the next generation of environmental stewards as they play in the garden and learn about the plants and animals who share our home.


Together, kids and grown-ups can work in the garden watering plants, pulling weeds and making mud in our oversized planters designed for play.


Meet the worms who eat our compost, and create rich soil for the plants in the garden. Special programs will allow children to have hands-on experiences learning about worms and the important role they play in a healthy ecosystem.


Water play often allows children to become absorbed for long periods of time. We’re adding water access and an interactive art piece for splashing fun.


Pretend play in nature is a wonderful way for young children to grow up appreciating the outdoors. The new design includes small nooks for children to create, and engage in dramatic play outside.


The Habitat Garden includes a gathering area which can be used for educational programs, as well as by regular visitors, featuring seating, tables, and a shade structure.

The Habitat Garden will be completed in the next year. We hope you’ll join us in appreciating the beauty of this little gem at the top of Lookout Cove.

Museum at Home

  • Make mud in the backyard with a hose or play in the mud on a rainy day. Don’t forget shovels and rakes!
  • Pick-up some worms at the local garden store and start your own worm bin or add them to the garden.
  • Sprout an avocado pit or some seeds from your leftover bell peppers or apples. Watch as the seeds sprout and produce roots, stems, and leaves.
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