Lookout Cove

Lookout Cove contains 2.5 acres of creative experiences. Here, we'll examine how children shovel, sift and sort through sand in the San Agustin shipwreck and see what lies beneath the ship.


Large muscle groups, like legs and arms, are strengthened by crawling, climbing, squatting, digging and sweeping. Small  muscles, such as fingers and wrists, are used lifting and moving the sifters side to side.


Does your child love finding coins and rocks? When children sift and sort, they are learning how to collect, identify, and classify. These are fundamental science skills used in everything from chemistry to home cooking.


The fully-realized environment of the ship allows children to develop their own stories, from shipwrecked sailors to treasure hunters to archaeologists and beyond. The multi-sensory experience encourages a deep level of play.


The San Agustin sparks children’s imagination through dramatic play and the use of props, such as the brooms, shovels, and sifters, while inspiring them to think in new and unique ways.


Children must negotiate for the few shovels, sifters, and brooms they find in the ship. This encourages sharing and turn taking. Even when very young children play next to each other it is an opportunity to learn how to play together.

Museum at Home

Fill a bin with flour, sand, dirt, or other similar materials. Add items of various size such as beans, rocks, peas, or coins. Include sifters with different size holes, such as a sieve, strainer, and strawberry basket. Sort your objects into  an empty egg carton.

Questions to ask your child:

  • What do you think will happen?
  • What did you discover?
  • What can you do with these?

Young children learn best through open-ended, child centered play. Help them become inspired adults by fostering creative thinking now. Allow them to direct their play. Accept the choices they make, whether they visit each  activity briefly, spend long periods of time trying one thing, or repeat a  favorite over and over. Don’t forget to play along too; playing side by side with young children while they learn is fun!

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