Nurture Childhood Creativity

The Bay Area Discovery Museum is the leading children’s museum dedicated to developing creativity in all children; nurturing future generations of creative thinkers and innovators.

Filling The Void: The Creative Imperative

Creativity—the capacity for original thought, new connections, adaptive reasoning, and novel solutions—if nurtured and supported during childhood, has positive and far-reaching implications for fulfilling adult potentiality. While all children are born with creative capacities, research indicates that by age 10 many children have lost up to 70% of their creative capacity, and as adults we utilize a mere fraction of our original creative potential. In a global society where change is radical, constant and accelerating, creativity is an imperative for success. Yet, precious few institutions focus successfully on the many facets of creative development—especially childhood creative development.

A Place Where Children Discover In Their Own Way

From its inception twenty years ago, our mission has been to develop the many facets of childhood creativity and play. Our trademark approach emphasizes open-ended, child-directed, discovery-based activities, in which there are infinite ways to play, discover, and create—not a single, ‘correct’ way as determined by adults. These are the types of early experiences that researchers have linked positively to the cultivation of lifelong creativity, and it is the type of play that happens for thousands of children each week at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. The Museum is committed to bringing the power of creativity to all children, from every community and culture throughout the Bay Area.

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We invite you to explore creativity:

  • Why Creativity: Our definition of creativity and its impact on the Bay Area and beyond.
  • Creativity at the Museum: How we implement creativity throughout our programs and exhibitions.
  • Creativity Research: Selected scientific research on the impact of creativity.
  • Creativity Bibliography: A selected series of books available from Amazon. Your purchase benefits the Museum.
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