Where'd we go?

    Hello loyal blog readers! I'm sure you're wondering where we went ... right? Well, we haven't been eaten by the sea monster in the Art Studios...

    It's probably best explained by noting that we're mostly a "me" - Jennifer Caleshu, Director of Communications. I wear many hats at the Museum, and one of them is social media content creator. A few colleagues join me in this effort, notably Public Programs Manager Heather Posner, but our biggest challenge is finding time to write.

    So going forward, we'll be using this blog for writing longer original pieces, rather than updating you about our events. My plan is to try to post one longer piece here every week, but for ongoing events, sharing of links and news stories, you'll find us over on Facebook and Twitter. Don't belong to either? The good news is you can find our content on the Connect Online page, featuring feeds of current posts from Facebook and Twitter.

    Thanks for your patience as our content evolves. If you have any requests for content you'd like to see here or elsewhere, please feel free to email me directly at  jcaleshu(at)badm.org.

    Thanks for reading, and see you around the social media sphere!

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