Performances Sell Out - Buy Tickets In Advance

As many of you know, the Museum has family-friendly performances most Saturday mornings in the Discovery Theatre. These range from music, and dance to interactive plays and are thoughtfully chosen to stimulate a child’s curiosity and imagination as well as appeal to parents and caregivers. The shows require an additional ticket that can be purchased online or at the front desk on the day of the performance. Most of the shows have been selling out, so it is best to order tickets in advance since there is a limited number available.

The maximum occupancy of the theatre is 180. The Fire Marshall has determined that this is the number that can be safely allowed into the theatre. Once we have reached 180, we can not sell more tickets or let more people into the theater. As you can imagine, families with small children often are running late and may show up after the performance has begun. If they have preordered a ticket, we do not resell that ticket once the show begins.

So, make sure that you don’t miss out and buy your tickets online. Tickets are sold online up until the night before the show.

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