Art Studio 10: Process, not product

I hope you've had a chance to visit Art Studio 10 recently - the open-ended projects developed by Lead Art Educator Sarah "Starfeather" Spivy are so full of creativity! We've recently added some explanatory signage to the wall, which I'm sharing here so you can know what to expect about our process when you bring your children.

Learning with found materials

We choose to focus on found and recyclable materials because they surround us in the environment. The shapes, colors, and textures in these often discarded objects can create a bridge to visual and active learning. Most of these items can be found around your house and usually end up in the recycle bin. We hope this project will inspire you to continue to work with these materials at home.

For children under 3-years-old this project is a great opportunity to practice the following:

  • holding scissors properly and cutting paper scraps
  • tearing paper
  • explore the“sensory bin”
  • using the tape dispenser properly and taping paper scraps together

Helpful ways to facilitate this project for children 3 and older:

  • Use your imagination and explore unusual materials
  • Consider the following areas of artistic expression: sculpture, collage, craft, drawing, construction
  • Create your own puppets and use our puppet theater to put on a show

Encourage discovery and process by talking with your child about his or her artwork. Here are some tips:

  • You’ve used many colors.
  • What part do you like best?
  • How did you make that?
  • I can tell you’ve been working hard, look at all that taping!
  • Is there anything you may need for your project?
  • …or don’t say anything at all and observe the creative process...

It’s the process, not the product!

Support your child’s desire to experience, explore, and experiment. We encourage you to allow plenty of time for your child to discover their innate creativity without feeling rushed. The artistic process allows children to explore and discover their world.

Check out our Art Studios photoset on Flickr to see some very proud children with their creations!

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