A Time of Transitions for Our Museum Educators

Beginning last fall we restructured our Museum Educator Program in two very important ways. First, we asked our Educators to commit to the Museum from September through the end of May, developing a “class” that could be trained and developed together as a group. Second, we required that each Educator develop, produce, and evaluate drop-in programs for our visitors at least twice a month. Many of you have had the benefit of participating in our bay walks, music parades, glowing goo workshops, worm time in the Outdoor Learning Lab, building nests, and many other open-ended creative programs. As we near the end of May we are sadly preparing to say goodbye to some of the special individuals our staff and visitors have enjoyed and appreciated for the last nine months.

  • Joe Schine is leaving to lead a youth canoe trip in Northern Ontario.
  • Shannon Calloway is heading to Hawaii to work at a Bed & Breakfast on a macadamia nut farm.
  • Pagan Neil is leaving to pursue a new career in Early Childhood Education.
  • Susan Hughes will be working this summer for Camp Galileo.
  • Danielle Pitchford is making the transition to work as our Summer Camp Coordinator.

We are also happy to announce that Matt Robinson, Jason Jordan, and Raquel Valentin have committed to return next year as Lead Discovery Educators.  They will share the responsibility to help coach and train our new crop of Educators, and they will be pursuing a deeper and more focused interest in developing programs to engage, delight and educate our young visitors and their families.  Sarah Starfeather will continue her exceptional work managing the Art Studios and Brian Muldoon will remain our super scheduler and program coordinator.

This summer look for a new group of Summer Educators.  This team will focus on facilitating exploration and discovery in our exhibits.  More involved programming is available to our visitors through our Discovery Camp program.  Then in the fall look for a new “class” of Discovery Educators to join our staff and begin sharing their special skills.

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