Wave Workshop

Floating Inventions

Children can experiment with not only movement, but with buoyancy and engineering through Floating Inventions, a truly open-ended, creativity-inducing exhibition element.


At this exhibit children can, at the most basic level, investigate geometry and engineering concepts as they combine shapes and see how they move across and through the water.


As they test ideas, children create unique combinations of pieces and make changes based on their experiences of how their design responds to the wind and waves.


Water play lends itself to long lasting contemplation. Because there are so many ways to mix and match the loose parts of this exhibit, children have extended opportunities to
construct and deconstruct their creations.


Every invention has a story. Whether they make a boat, a jet ski, a motorcycle or an unnamed craft, the pieces available for use are purposefully nondescript to encourage
children to develop their own stories.


The shape of the table naturally invites people to watch each other as they experiment. Using what they see others create, or taking apart what has been made before,
children draw conclusions and synthesize information about what works and what doesn’t.

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