Wish List

The Bay Area Discovery Museum accepts in-kind donations of products and equipment that we can use at the Museum and in our offices. These items, listed below, will help the Museum run more efficiently and make the Museum experience even better for all visitors and staff. We accept new or gently used items.

If you would like to help the Museum by donating any of these items, please call Julia Russell at (415) 339-3968 or send a picture of the item to jrussell(at)badm.org and assuming the product is a fit, she will gladly arrange a time for drop-off. Please consider donating these items to the Museum!



Canon Rebel Ti DSLR camera with HD video and lens

iMac 21” for graphic design and video editing

Multimedia projector

iPads for surveys and exhibit enhancement

OSX Leopard  

Color printer (11”x17”)

Laminator (11”x17”)

iPod for music in art studios

Sound system to play music in art studios

3D printer

10 gigabit switches (x2)

24” or larger computer monitor (x2)

Tripod for camera

Handheld membership card scanner for faster entry on busy days

Reflector for picture taking





Plastic outdoor table and chairs

Nespresso/espresso machine

Dishes, glasses, silverware for kitchen

A loveseat or small corner unit sofa for office meetings

8.5” x 11” copy paper



Story Time books

Small wooden chairs for preschool height tables in the art studios

25 gallon or larger blue or green rolling plastic storage bins for Connections lunch storage

Assorted size plastic storage bins and drawers for art studios storage

Wheelchair for the front desk to offer to visitors

Radio Flyer red wagons (x5)




Industrial size washer and dryer for Museum costumes

Marine grade plywood

Disc sander with open stand and DC

Weed-whacker for fennel removal

Flatbed truck for exhibit transportation

Paint sprayer (Binks Super Bee or Graco, low VOC)

Power auger for digging holes

Industrial power washer to clean paths and buildings

12” clamps and pipe clamps

Saw stop table saw

Mat cutter

Bobcat utility vehicle


Capital Improvements

Sink and cabinets for Playhouse


Professional Development

Video editing class



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