Innovator’s Circle and Discovery Circle Donors 2011

Thank you to our generous fiscal year 2011 donors to Innovator's Circle and Discovery Circle for their gifts received September 1, 2010 - August 31, 2011.

Innovator’s Circle

Trailblazer ($25,000 or more)

Jackie and Ken Broad
Dana and Robert Emery
Eve Niquette and Charles Pohl

Navigator ($15,000 to $24,999)

Carrie and Mark Casey*
Richard and Elizabeth Fullerton*† Family Fund
Fumiko and David Hoeft
Liebe Patterson

Educator ($10,000 to $14,999)

Julie and Steve Ashley*
Lily* and Thomas Beischer
Cathy and Sandy Dean
Doris Fisher
Kristen Koh Goldstein* and Mark Goldstein
Gwen Hinze and Ernest Chow*
Heather and Sanjay Jain*
Melissa Ma
Leigh* and Bill Matthes
Marie and William McGlashan*
Jennifer Chu and John Park*
Nicola and Mathias Schilling*
Wendy and Richard Yanowitch*

Discovery Circle

Inspirer ($7,500 to $9,999)

Anita Demas and Rob Thompson*
Victoria Hoyt Dick and John Dick*
Cigdem Gencer*
Katie and Jay Kern*

Inventor ($5,000 to $7,499)

Karyn* and Geoff Flynn
Emma and Frederick Goltz
Margaret Haas
Andrew* and Capucine Hoybach
Rashmi and Varun Marya*
Susan and William Oberndorf
Eva and William Price
Elizabeth* and Kurt Rieke
Lareina Yee and Humberto Galleno*

Connector ($2,500 to $4,999)

Kirby and Jeff Burke and The Clara L.D. Jeffery Charitable Trust
Julie Chaiken
Christensen Family Foundation
Kate Sheridan Chung and David H.S. Chung*
Daphne and Mike Dickson
Laura and John Fisher
Randi and Robert Fisher
Michael Linn and Cheryl Frank
Gretchen Wolfe Hansen* and Lee Hansen
Alicia and Philip Hammarskjold
Chris and F. Warren Hellman and the Hellman Family Foundation
Sabrina and Mick Hellman and the Hellman Family Foundation
Kathryn and Stephen Hohenrieder*
Beth and Hank Holland
Kathleen and Chris Jackson
Donna* and David Lorsch
Mackenzie Family Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Betsy and Ed McDermott
Christy and Ravi Mohan*
Melissa Norris* and Alexander Cobb
Katherine*† and James Rothschild
Britt and Greg Ryan
Soo and Raj Venkatesan
Julia Wong and Roger Kuo

Builder ($1,000 to $2,499)

Ann Akichika and Ali Tabibian
Jasmine and Walter Bachtiger
Vicki and Phil Barret
Liat and Chris Bishko
Meghan and Jason Bogardus
Grace and Tony Brettkelly
Linda and Joseph Chong
Penny and James G. Coulter
Grace and James Dignan
Jessica and Michael Eisler
Zorana Elizondo† and Adam Breech
Jacqueline and Christian Erdman
Megan and John Esrey
Diana Farrell and Scott Pearson
Suzanne and Elliott Felson
Claire and Jeff Fluhr
Wendy and Alexander Fraser
Sarah Friar and David Riley
Lycia and Rocky Fried
Jill Kitazaki Garvens and Derek Garvens
Beth and James Gassel
Heather Green
Jay Grant and Craig Zodikoff
Holly Hagens and Todd Sisitsky
Kate Harbin and Adam Clammer
Laurie and Bob Harden
Tiffany Hill and Ariel Braunstein
Cynthia and Rocky Ho
Jennifer and Sam Hocking
Wendy Holcombe and Carl Kawaja
Leah and Galen Hoskin
Kirsten and Adam Howell
Lucy Hume and Nick Koukopoulos
Debbie and Scott Kay
Jane and Hee Soo Lee
Kristin and David MacKnight
Jeanne Menary and Richard Winefield
Paige and Chad Meuse
Gila and John Millar
Ann Ferrell and Steve Millham
Libby*† and Jim Mitchell
Anna and Mason Morfit
Heather and David Olitsky
Ellen Pao and Buddy Fletcher
Jumee and David Park
Anne Marie and Wylie Peterson
Skye† and Don Pillsbury
Alison and Mark Pincus
Bonnie Pitman
Theresa and Bruce Raabe
Laura Roche
Adam Rubinson
Erica and Bryan Schultz
Susan and Michael Schwartz
Maya and Ned Segal
Aishwarya† and Shashin Shah
Lisa† and Jeff Smith
J. Michael Smith* and Christopher Wallis
Laura and Greg Spivy
The Springcreek Foundation
Abby Turin and Jon Gans
Annette and Paul Venables
Jane and Bernard von Bothmer
Lela and Chris Wadsworth
Courtney Weaver and Simon Frankel
Rory and Jamie Weinstein
Andrina and Ken Welter
Diane Wilsey
Tina† and Gary Wolk
Jennifer Yen† and Ken Horne
Kathy Yu and Dean Drako
Karen and Michael Zeff

*2010-11 Board Member
†2010-11 Discovery Council Member

We regret any errors or omissions.

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