Seeking Discovery Guides for 2012-2013


A Day in the Life of a Discovery Guide

Get the minute-by-minute scoop on the life of a Discovery Guide!


You are friendly. You enjoy people and conversation. You are sometimes goofy and silly. 

You are a team player. In an environment all about community, there is no other way. You have a strong work ethic, love sharing ideas and thrive in a collaborative work place. 

You love kids and you love playing. You are never content to sit around, and are always looking to make your day fun. 

You are pro-active in conversations. You are perceptive and friendly, and know when to engage with families and when to give them space to play. You enjoy talking to grown-ups just as much as kids. 

You enjoy being outside. You love the beautiful Bay Area environment, and are ready to weather the wind, the sun, the fog, the rain, and the days with a little bit of everything. 

You are ready to learn. You are looking for a stepping stone job to explore museums, non-profits, education, visitor services, or working with kids.  

You are a hard worker. You do not need to be given specific instructions to pass your time. 

You are high energy. You are ready for everything from paint spills to nature hikes to hula hooping. You enjoy being active and are ready to be on your feet.

You are a bit of a neat-freak but willing to get messy. You know the difference between good messy and bad dirty. 


You are not phony. You are not over-the-top. You are genuine in how you interact with your co-workers and visitors. Being yourself is the only way to make our magic happen!

You are not looking to develop curriculum. You will learn a lot about our unique educational philosophy, but you will not be creating programs. Our Exhibit Guides are doers: leading nature hikes, outdoor explorations, and story-time. 

You do not leave your co-workers in a lurch. You are responsible and reliable. Your peers can count on you. 

You are not late. You manage your time well and when you come to work, you are ready to work hard. 

You are not looking for a 9 to 5 desk job. You like standing, playing, jumping, cleaning, creating, exploring, and laughing. 

How to Apply

Please see full job description.


We are team-oriented. We work together, and value the different perspectives and ideas of our staff.

We go the extra mile for each other and our visitors. We are willing to work outside of our typical job responsibilities to support one another. We all help with basic duties: taking care of our props, maintaining our exhibit halls, and cleaning up.

We thrive in creative and open environments. We’re all about exploring and discovering together. We strive to have open-minds. 

We work hard and are passionate about what we do. We love kids and value creativity and play, and care deeply about our community.  

We are a small organization. There is a lot of room to learn, but not necessarily to advance levels right away.

We value our front-line staff.  Our front-line is the bottom line. 

We put health and family first. We want you to have an interesting life outside of your job, but we also want you to show up and be engaged when it’s time to show up. 

We rally. We are willing to engage and put our visitors first, even when we are tired.

We like dramatic play. We don’t like drama in the workplace.


We are not a corporate culture. We keep it professional and fun.

We are not people that think it is easy to work with kids. We know it takes experience, patience, and a positive attitude to work in this informal learning environment. 

We are not slackers. We take care of ourselves and of each other, and are committed to our responsibilities at work.


  • Wage: $11.75 per hour 
  • Full Time Hours: 8:30-5:30 with one hour unpaid lunch. 
  • Part and full-time positions available. Includes working weekends
  • Must be at least 16 years old to apply. 
  • Reliable source of transportation required.
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) and Bi-Cultural (Latino/Hispanic) candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
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